NASA and Microsoft launch 3 Free courses to learn Python and Machine Learning


Microsoft and NASA have joined forces to offer a series of online courses designed to teach beginners how to use the Python programming language and machine learning algorithms in tasks related to space exploration.

These courses are aimed at those interested in contributing to the field of computational science and expanding our knowledge of the universe.

With broad applications in the field of space exploration, Python has become an essential programming language.

The courses will prepare you to face real industry challenges and develop innovative projects.

The courses are divided into three exciting modules:

Introduction to Python for Space Exploration

This course will immerse you in the fundamentals of the Python programming language and its relevance to space exploration.

You will learn about NASA’s Artemis program and the key technological systems used in space missions.

While not delving deeply into Python programming, the crucial role of computer engineers in designing and using machines for space exploration is highlighted.

This module lays the groundwork for delving into more challenging projects. Access the course with this link.

Classifying Space Rocks with Python and Artificial Intelligence

In this course, the potential of Python and artificial intelligence tools for classifying different types of space rocks is explored.


The most important data analysis and visualization libraries in Python are introduced, and the necessary skills for working on advanced projects related to space exploration are provided.

Some familiarity with Python and data science is required to make the most of this module. Access the course by clicking on this link.

Predicting Rocket Launch Delays with Machine Learning

The final module immerses you in the fascinating world of machine learning applied to space exploration.

You will learn about the different algorithms used to analyze data and how they can be applied to predicting rocket launch delays.

This course will inspire your curiosity and show you how machine learning can solve problems in space exploration and other areas of life.

You can access it by following this link.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn Python and machine learning for space exploration.

Immerse yourself in the exciting field of programming and machine learning while exploring the mysteries of space. Enroll now and start your exciting journey towards a career in space exploration!

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