Microsoft offers Free Artificial Intelligence Training for the general public


Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be a revolutionary field in computer science, enabling the development of systems and programs capable of performing tasks that were previously only achievable by human beings.

AI has found applications in various areas, from task automation to healthcare and autonomous driving.

Recognizing its importance, Microsoft has launched an artificial intelligence training program, providing individuals with the necessary tools to delve into this exciting field.

Artificial Intelligence Training

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence is a program designed for those interested in exploring and understanding the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

This training is especially relevant for those who wish to prepare for the AI-900 Exam: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals. The best part is that no prior knowledge is required to get started.

The program consists of two main modules:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Azure

This module provides an overview of artificial intelligence and how it can be applied in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform.

Participants will learn about machine learning, anomaly detection, computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge mining, and the ethical challenges related to artificial intelligence.

Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service

In this module, participants will explore the connection between artificial intelligence and text, code, and image generation. They will be taught how to use Azure OpenAI to create solutions with artificial intelligence models in Azure.


Topics include generative artificial intelligence, natural language capabilities, code and image generation, as well as access policies and responsibility in artificial intelligence.

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence training offers a unique opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills in a rapidly growing field.

Participants will gain a better understanding of how artificial intelligence can transform industries and sectors, and apply that knowledge to their own businesses or projects.

However, it is also necessary to address ethical challenges and ensure responsible use of this technology.

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With the acquired knowledge, participants will be able to contribute to digital transformation and the creation of innovative solutions that drive progress in our society.

You can access the training using this link.

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