Microsoft launches free training to learn C# from scratch


The technological giant Microsoft has announced the launch of a comprehensive and free C# course, aimed at those who wish to delve into the fascinating world of programming.

C# is an open-source language that is part of the .NET ecosystem, allowing developers to create various applications that run on different platforms, from mobile applications to cloud-based enterprise solutions.

C# stands out for being secure, simple, flexible, and offering better memory management than other languages such as C++ or Java.

These characteristics have made it a highly sought-after language in the professional field. Sectors such as media, finance, healthcare, and gaming are constantly looking for C# developers capable of creating innovative and scalable solutions.

According to data from Indeed, the average salary of a C# developer in Mexico exceeds the national minimum wage, demonstrating the value and demand for this skill in the job market.

Learning C# can represent a great opportunity to boost your professional career and access well-paid jobs in the exciting field of programming.

The beginner-friendly C# course offered by Microsoft is specially designed for beginners and developers who wish to master this language.

It consists of various modules and units that cover the fundamental aspects of C# syntax. Participants will learn to write their first lines of code and use different techniques to print messages in a text console.


The course also focuses on diagnosing common errors when writing incorrect code, which is essential for developing strong programming skills.

In addition, different key elements of C# syntax, such as operators, classes, and methods, will be identified, providing students with a solid foundation to further delve into this language.

Access to the course is completely free and available on the official Microsoft website.

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Once registered, students will have access to high-quality materials, including explanatory videos, practical exercises, and knowledge assessments.

Register for the course today using this link and start discovering the endless possibilities offered by programming with C#.

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