Microsoft launches a free course on Introduction to GitHub Copilot


GitHub Copilot has arrived to revolutionize the world of software development with its innovative artificial intelligence.

This tool, based on OpenAI Codex and trained with billions of lines of public code, promises to accelerate and significantly improve the code-writing process.

Now, Microsoft is launching a free course aimed at empowering developers of all levels to make the most of this powerful tool.

Introduction to GitHub Copilot

The Introduction to GitHub Copilot course is a unique opportunity to dive into the world of this innovative artificial intelligence tool.

Designed to cater to a wide audience, from beginners to experienced professionals, the course covers the essential aspects of efficiently and creatively using GitHub Copilot.

The course consists of a total of 6 units, with an estimated duration of 17 minutes.

During this time, participants will learn fundamental and advanced skills to maximize the potential of GitHub Copilot in their daily workflow. Some of the key topics include:


  • Understanding how GitHub Copilot can optimize coding by providing auto-complete style suggestions.
  • Enabling GitHub Copilot for enterprise use, allowing teams to collaborate and develop projects more efficiently.
  • Properly configuring GitHub Copilot to perfectly suit the individual needs and preferences of each developer.
  • Troubleshooting potential issues that may arise when using the tool, ensuring a smooth and seamless coding experience.

Upon completing the course, participants will have gained a solid understanding of how GitHub Copilot can be a valuable ally in their day-to-day as developers.


To participate in the course, it is necessary to have an account on GitHub and possess basic knowledge of its platform.

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These prerequisites ensure that participants have a solid foundation to make the most of the content offered.

You can access the course using the following link: Introduction to GitHub Copilot.

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