Microsoft Launches a FREE Certification in Artificial Intelligence, and We’ll Tell You How to Get It


Microsoft has launched the first certified and professional course in generative artificial intelligence (AI).

The new program, which is part of the ‘Skills for Jobs’ social responsibility strategy, aims to help employees of companies or organizations learn introductory concepts of AI.

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a type of AI that can create new content and ideas, such as conversations, stories, images, videos, and music.

It relies on very large machine learning models that are pretrained with extensive amounts of existing data and then generate new data that is similar but not identical to the original.

Generative AI is a technology with significant potential applications in various fields, including design, advertising, education, entertainment, and research. However, it is a relatively new technology, and there is still much to learn about it.

What does the course offer?


The course consists of five sessions:

  1. What is Generative AI?
  2. Generative AI: The Evolution of Reflective Online Search
  3. Enhancing Your Work with Microsoft Bing Chat
  4. Ethics in the Era of Generative AI
  5. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of generative AI
  • Apply generative AI to their work
  • Recognize the ethical challenges of generative AI

How to access the course?

To access the course, you must register on the LinkedIn Learning platform or log in directly from this link.

The course is currently available in English but has translations in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, simplified Chinese, and Japanese.

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This course is a unique opportunity to learn about a technology that is revolutionizing the world. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date course covering the fundamentals of generative AI and its application in various fields.

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