Microsoft is launching a new PowerShell Automation course


The automation of administrative tasks has become a necessity to ensure efficiency and productivity in the Windows operating systems environment.

In this regard, PowerShell, the command-line environment and scripting language developed by Microsoft, has become an essential tool for system administrators and developers.

With its ability to efficiently and automatically perform administrative tasks, PowerShell has earned a solid reputation in the technology community.

Now, Microsoft is launching a new PowerShell course designed to help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Microsoft PowerShell Course: Automate Administrative Tasks for Optimal Performance

The course, called “Automate Administrative Tasks with Microsoft PowerShell,” provides you with the opportunity to acquire advanced skills in automating administrative tasks.

With a duration of 2 hours and 57 minutes, this course will provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize the management of Windows operating systems.

Start from the fundamentals, learning the basics of PowerShell and its application in automating and managing administrative tasks.

In the course, you will discover how to execute commands, explore the wide range of built-in cmdlets, and create custom scripts for repetitive tasks.


Additionally, the course will teach you how to use PowerShell in cross-platform environments and its integration with Microsoft technologies and services such as Active Directory, Exchange Server, and Azure.

The Microsoft PowerShell course is designed for beginners and those with previous experience in system administration. You will learn interactively at your own pace, with practical exercises and knowledge assessments to reinforce your learning.

How to access the Microsoft PowerShell course offered by Microsoft?

To access the course, simply go to the Microsoft Learning platform using this link.

You need to log in to the platform, which you can do using a Google or Microsoft account. This will help you save your progress.

Enroll in the Microsoft PowerShell course and acquire automation skills for administrative tasks that will help you achieve optimal performance in managing Windows operating systems.

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