Microsoft invites you to learn computing with their Free Online Course


Computing is a fundamental discipline in today’s society as it enables the study and use of computers and computational systems to store, process, and transmit information.

Its importance lies in its ability to automate tasks, provide quick access to information, and promote scientific and technological innovation.

Summer presents itself as an ideal season to make the most of free time and dedicate it to activities that may be more challenging during other times of the year due to unavoidable commitments.

That’s why Microsoft invites you to take full advantage of this season and participate in their Free Course on “Working with Computers and Devices.”

This course focuses on providing you with the necessary knowledge to understand and effectively use the technology that surrounds you. If you feel intimidated by technology or would like to strengthen your digital skills, this course is perfect for you.

In it, you will learn the basics of computing, how to handle an operating system, and utilize the most common office tools. Additionally, you will acquire the ability to create digital content tailored to your needs.


The Free Microsoft Course has a duration of 1 hour and 31 minutes and is designed for both beginners and those who wish to consolidate their knowledge in the field of computing.

Through LinkedIn Learning, a platform recognized for its quality and variety of courses, you will have access to all the necessary content to acquire the digital skills demanded by the current world.

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Take advantage of this season to invest in your personal and professional growth. Register on LinkedIn Learning and access this valuable educational resource.

Get ready to stand out in an increasingly connected and technological world! Access the course using this link.

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