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MATLAB, acronym for “MATrix LABoratory,” is a powerful software that has become an essential tool in the field of science and engineering.

Its initial focus on matrix manipulation makes it an ideal choice for performing a wide range of calculations and analysis.

MATLAB provides a high-level programming language and a wide variety of specialized tools and functions for solving mathematical and scientific problems.

Free MATLAB Onramp Course MATLAB Onramp is a free and accessible course for anyone interested in learning MATLAB. The course is designed for beginners and does not require prior programming knowledge.

With an approximate duration of 2 hours, the course provides a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills in MATLAB.

Below are the key modules and lessons covered in MATLAB Onramp:


  • Course Overview (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Getting familiar with the course.
  • Commands (Duration: Approximately 20 minutes) Introduction to MATLAB commands for performing calculations and creating variables.
  • MATLAB Desktop and MATLAB Editor (Duration: Approximately 10 minutes) Learning how to write and save MATLAB programs. Vectors and Matrices (Duration: Approximately 15 minutes)
  • Creating and manipulating vectors and matrices in MATLAB. Array Indexing and Modification (Duration: Approximately 15 minutes) Using indexing to extract and modify elements of MATLAB arrays.
  • Array Calculations (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Performing calculations on entire arrays efficiently. Function Calls (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Utilizing predefined and custom functions to obtain various results.
  • Getting Help (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Exploring MATLAB documentation for additional information and assistance.
  • Data Visualization (Duration: Approximately 10 minutes) Visualizing variables using MATLAB’s plotting functions.
  • Problem Review (Duration: Approximately 10 minutes) Applying the concepts learned in practical projects related to power consumption and audio frequency.
  • Data Importing (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Incorporating data from external files into MATLAB.
  • Logical Arrays (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Using logical expressions to extract elements of interest from MATLAB arrays.
  • Programming (Duration: Approximately 10 minutes) Writing programs in MATLAB using programming constructs such as branching and loops.
  • Final Project (Duration: Approximately 10 minutes) Applying the acquired knowledge in practical projects related to stellar motion.
  • Conclusion (Duration: Approximately 5 minutes) Next steps and opportunity to provide feedback on the course.

This free course provides a solid foundation for those who wish to use MATLAB in their work or studies.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certification endorsing their MATLAB knowledge, which can be a valuable asset for their resume.

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Are you ready to embark on your MATLAB journey? Access the free MATLAB Onramp course and discover the full potential of this powerful tool in the scientific and engineering fields.

No prior knowledge is required, so start your learning today! Access the course using this link.

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