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Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that explores the relationships between angles and sides of triangles; it has been a fundamental tool in various disciplines throughout history.

Originating in ancient Greece, India, and the Muslim world, its influence has persisted to this day.

Functions such as sine, cosine, and tangent, essential for understanding geometry, physics, astronomy, and more, have been pillars in fields ranging from architecture to medicine.

Trigonometry has proven to be crucial even in ancient civilizations like Egypt and Babylon, where it was used to construct impressive monuments such as the pyramids. In the 17th century, Isaac Newton expanded its scope by discovering series for trigonometric functions, marking a milestone in its evolution.

In the 21st century, trigonometry not only remains relevant, and if you don’t know “why,” today I invite you to the “Trigonometry for Everyone” course taught by Jorge Tejero Green, an expert in the field with a background in industrial and systems engineering, as well as an MBA.

This free course, offering over 9 hours of content, provides students with the opportunity to become masters of trigonometry, overcoming the fear of this discipline and preparing them to tackle simple, intermediate, and complicated problems.


The course is structured into three levels, each addressing specific aspects of trigonometry. In Level 1, theoretical explanations and fundamental concepts are presented, accompanied by simple exercises to initiate practice.

Level 2 introduces intermediate-level exercises to reinforce the acquired knowledge, while Level 3 challenges students with more complex problems, serving as a litmus test to assess their preparation for exams.

The course is an invaluable opportunity for those wishing to master this discipline, guided by the experience and passion of Jorge Tejero Green.

The offering of extensive content, gradual difficulty levels, and the possibility to interact with the teacher make this course an attractive and free option for those seeking to conquer the world of trigonometry.

You can access it through this link.

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