Learn to Repair Your Laptop with this Certified Course from the Slim Foundation


Laptop repair is a highly sought-after skill as electronic devices play a crucial role in our daily lives. From the workplace to entertainment, we increasingly rely on computers and laptops.

Therefore, it is essential to have trained professionals who can address any issues that may arise.

The Carlos Slim Foundation Launches a Free Laptop Repair Course

Recognizing this need, the Carlos Slim Foundation has developed a certified laptop repair course.

This course, which is available for free to the general public, consists of four levels and covers a wide range of topics, from diagnosing problems to component maintenance.

Learning to repair laptops can offer a series of benefits, both personally and professionally.

On a personal level, it can help individuals save money on costly repairs, extend the lifespan of their devices, and gain better control over their equipment. From a professional perspective, it can open up new job opportunities in the technology field.


How to Enroll in the Course?

Registrations for the Carlos Slim Foundation’s laptop repair course are now open, and all you need to do is access it by following this link.

Interested individuals only need to register on the Foundation’s website and start learning.

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The Carlos Slim Foundation’s laptop repair course is a unique opportunity to acquire a valuable skill that can benefit individuals on a personal and professional level.

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