Learn Python for free: CISCO offers courses for everyone, and here’s how you can enroll


In an effort to democratize access to programming education, Cisco Networking Academy has launched a free Python course, covering fundamentals through senior levels.

This program not only addresses the skills gap in the programming field but also provides an opportunity for those looking to advance their careers in sectors such as information technology, medicine, and gaming.

Python Courses from Scratch

Developed in collaboration with the OpenEDG Python Institute, the courses offer comprehensive training starting from scratch up to certification.

Driven by Cisco Networking Academy’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, the program has expanded to 180 countries, contributing to the education of communities and global economies.

The courses, which do not require prior knowledge, are accessible to everyone as Python is a free, open-source, and cross-platform language. Furthermore, with a total duration of 70 hours, participants can effectively acquire essential programming skills.

It is geared towards those who want to dive into the world of Python programming, regardless of their level of prior experience.


Although familiarity with other programming languages may be beneficial, the course is designed for beginners, providing an entry point into the fascinating world of programming, data analysis, and web application development.

It’s important to note that the courses are conducted in English, so participants are recommended to have a sufficient level of proficiency in the language. Additionally, a computer with a stable internet connection is necessary to fully benefit from the course content, which is offered entirely online.

With a duration of 70 hours, the courses are structured in two fundamental parts:

  1. Python Fundamentals (30 hours): Participants acquire basic computer programming concepts, starting to develop coding skills with Python.
  2. Python Fundamentals Level 2 (40 hours): In this advanced level, computer programming skills are further expanded, preparing participants for certification and solidifying their knowledge in Python.

Seize this opportunity to enhance your skills and advance in your career!

Access the courses at this link.

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