Learn how to develop web applications with Firebase in Google’s new free course


Google invites you to participate in an exciting online course that will teach you how to develop web applications using Firebase, a powerful cloud application development platform created by Google.

Firebase offers a wide range of services and tools that facilitate the creation of mobile and web applications, simplifying tasks such as database management, user authentication, file storage, and much more.

Firebase also provides cloud storage services where you can upload and download files such as images, videos, and documents directly from your applications.

You won’t have to worry about storage management as Firebase takes care of it, ensuring the security and efficient distribution of your files.

Create applications and websites with Firebase.

In this training, which lasts for 3 hours and is classified as introductory, you will discover how to use Firebase to quickly and efficiently create web applications.

You will learn to leverage key features such as real-time database, which allows data synchronization among users in real-time.

This enables the creation of collaborative and real-time applications where changes made by one user are automatically reflected on all connected devices.


Additionally, you will explore user authentication, which will allow you to easily manage user registration and access in your applications through different methods such as Google accounts, Facebook, Twitter, or even email and password authentication.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your skills in web application development with Firebase. Sign up for this free course by Google and give a boost to your career in the cloud.

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Upon successful completion of the training, you will also have the opportunity to earn an exclusive Google Cloud digital badge, showcasing the skills you have developed to the world.

Enroll today and become an expert in web application development with Firebase!

Access the training using this link.

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