Learn Excel with these 3 free courses recommended by Microsoft

Do you want to improve your spreadsheet skills? Look no further!

In this exciting year of 2023, Microsoft has launched a surprising initiative to help you become an Excel expert.

Do you want to improve your spreadsheet skills? Look no further!

The tech giant has selected three free courses that will take you from the basics to the most advanced levels.

Introduction to Microsoft 365.

Through exciting videos hosted on LinkedIn, you will learn how to use Microsoft Word and Excel to manage documents and data. Additionally, you will discover how to make the most out of OneNote to organize your digital notes and master the fundamentals of Outlook to keep your inbox under control.

But that’s not all! They will also teach you how to build dynamic presentations in PowerPoint and collaborate with others using Microsoft Teams. You’re just one click away from improving your skills at work!

You can access the course using this link.

Excel Video Learnings

The second course focuses exclusively on Excel and is divided into basic and advanced levels. Through the videos available on the Microsoft website, you will learn how to efficiently create rows, columns, and cells.

You will discover how to use formulas and functions to perform complex calculations and create tables and charts to visualize your data clearly and concisely.

But that’s not all; the highlight of this course is mastering pivot tables, a powerful tool that will allow you to analyze large datasets with ease.

Get ready to impress your colleagues with your new Excel skills! Start the course by clicking on this link.

Working with Computers and Mobile Devices

The third and final course will help you understand the basics of computing. Are you having trouble managing an operating system or using common office tools? Don’t worry!

The videos available on LinkedIn will guide you step by step to become an expert. You will learn how to use the most common functions of office tools and create digital content that suits your needs.

Master technology and open yourself to a world of possibilities! Access the course using this link.

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Whether you’re looking for a new job, wanting to improve your skills in your current job, or simply looking to expand your knowledge, these courses are a unique opportunity for professional growth.

Don’t miss this opportunity and start mastering Excel today!


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