Learn Django for free: Discover two essential courses for web development


Django, a high-level open-source web development framework written in Python, has gained popularity among developers for its ability to facilitate and streamline the creation of complex web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.

Django provides a range of components and tools that enable developers to efficiently build web applications.

If you’re interested in learning Django and enhancing your web development skills, here are two free courses available:

Developing Django Applications with SQL and Databases

This course offered by IBM introduces you to the basics of SQL, Django, and Bootstrap.

You’ll learn how to access, process, and present data using SQL, as well as work with cloud databases. Additionally, you’ll discover how Django’s models, views, and templates combine to present data on a website.

You’ll also explore Bootstrap, a free and open-source front-end framework. As a final project, you’ll have the opportunity to develop and deploy a complete web application using Django in the cloud.

You can access this course using this link.

Using JavaScript, JQuery, and JSON in Django

This course, part of the “Django for Everybody” series by MichiganX, focuses on the JavaScript language and provides an introduction to the jQuery library and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) syntax.

You’ll learn about the unique aspects of JavaScript’s object-oriented programming approach, as well as the use of jQuery for manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM) and handling events in the browser.

You’ll also delve into JSON, which is used for data exchange between the server (Django) and the client (JavaScript/jQuery).


Throughout the course, you’ll develop a classified ads application that leverages JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON.

You can access the course using this link.

Remember that to access both courses for free, you need to choose the free option, as shown in the following image:

Both courses provide practical opportunities to develop skills in using Django and its associated tools.

Upon successfully completing either of the courses, you’ll have the chance to earn an IBM skill badge, certifying your acquired knowledge.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these free courses to enhance your web development skills with Django.

Enroll today and expand your knowledge in this popular framework!

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