Learn Braille: IMSS offers free course with official certification


Braille is a tactile writing and reading system that plays a fundamental role for individuals with visual impairments, proving to be an essential tool for their autonomous and equitable access to information, education, and culture.

This system, which uses raised dots to represent letters, numbers, and symbols, not only contributes to the development of cognitive and linguistic skills from a young age but also promotes social and employment inclusion, providing individuals who are blind or have low vision with the means to express themselves and participate in various aspects of society.

It is for these reasons that the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) has developed a free Braille course with official validation, designed for the general public.

This online course allows interested individuals to access study resources 24 hours a day, offering flexibility to adapt to their schedules and individual needs.

To access this resource, certain basic requirements must be met:

  • Interested individuals must register on the IMSS platform and activate their respective accounts.
  • They should have a personal email address, a device with internet connection, an up-to-date web browser, and a PDF file reader.
  • Basic computer skills are recommended to make the most of the course.

The registration process is straightforward and can be completed through the following link: edutk.imss.gob.mx. Once on the IMSS portal, interested individuals should create an account by selecting the “Register” option.


They will then fill out a form with the required information and submit their application, followed by account confirmation.

After these steps are completed, participants can enroll in the “ABC of Braille” course, available on the IMSS platform.

Upon completing the course, participants will receive a certificate with academic value endorsed by the IMSS.

By offering this Braille course for free and with official validation, respect and solidarity towards this community are promoted, recognizing their right to communication and culture.

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