Lady Gaga launches a free Mental Health course


Mental health is an essential aspect of our overall well-being, influencing how we navigate the ups and downs of life.

From disorders like anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, internal struggles are real and can significantly impact our lives. However, in a world that often emphasizes the physical, it is crucial to recognize that taking care of our mental health is equally important.

A balanced mind not only enables us to navigate emotional storms but also has a positive impact on our physical health, preventing potential illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Be There Certificate

Now, imagine being able to be a beacon of support for those in need on their emotional journey. This is precisely what the “Be There Certificate” course aims to achieve.

Created in collaboration with mental health experts, this online course presents itself as a beacon of knowledge and empathy in a sea of emotional uncertainty.

It consists of four clearly designed modules to address essential areas of emotional support, from active listening and empathy to understanding healthy boundaries and identifying resources.

By completing this course, you will not only empower yourself with valuable skills to provide emotional support but also earn a certificate that validates your commitment to compassion and mutual understanding.


Lady Gaga, in partnership with the Born This Way Foundation, has forged a powerful alliance with to bring this transformative course to the forefront.

This collaboration demonstrates their ongoing dedication to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging a culture of support and understanding.

By sharing this exciting news on her social media, Lady Gaga has revealed the “five golden rules” that guide participants on their journey of emotional support: “Say what you see, show that you care, listen attentively, understand your role, and connect to help.”

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Whether you want to strengthen your emotional support skills, demystify mental health, or simply learn effective ways to connect with others, this course provides you with the necessary tools.

Click here to enroll and take the first step toward a world where empathy and support are the driving forces of positive change.

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