JetBrains announces their AI assistant that converts text to code and documents it


In the world of software development, artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the tools available to programmers.

One of the latest innovations in this field is the ability to convert text into code using AI models.

JetBrains, a leading company in the development of tools for programmers, has announced exciting updates for its IntelliJ-based IDEs and .NET tools: the incorporation of an AI assistant.

JetBrains’ AI assistant, known as AI Assistant, is based on powerful large-scale language models and advanced natural language processing techniques.

This revolutionary tool enables developers to generate programming code from natural language text, speeding up the development process and improving efficiency.

The integration of the AI assistant into JetBrains IDEs focuses on two key aspects. Firstly, it has been designed to seamlessly adapt to programmers’ typical workflows. This means developers can interact with the AI assistant through a dedicated tool window, where they can engage in conversations, ask questions, and work on specific tasks.

Secondly, the AI assistant is deeply integrated with code understanding, a prominent feature of JetBrains IDEs. This ensures that the AI assistant understands context, programming language structures, and common patterns used in software development.

Some of the main features of the AI Assistant include:

AI Chat

Developers can use the AI Assistant’s tool window to chat with the AI model, ask questions, or describe tasks and problems.

The assistant will automatically generate code that solves or approximates the desired solution. Once satisfied with the result, developers can insert the generated code into the editor or copy it for later use.

Documentation Generation

The AI Assistant also offers the ability to automatically generate documentation for statements in languages like Java, Kotlin, and Python.


This feature is particularly useful when creating documentation comments, as the assistant can generate appropriate documentation text based on the declaration and code context.

Naming Suggestions

When renaming a declaration in Java, Kotlin, or Python, the AI assistant suggests name options based on the content of the declaration.

This simplifies the naming process and helps maintain clean and readable code.

Commit Message Generation

The AI Assistant streamlines the process of generating commit messages when making changes to the code.

With just a click of a button, developers can submit the changes to the AI assistant, which will automatically generate a descriptive commit message.

To access the AI features, users need to sign in to JetBrains’ AI service with their JetBrains account.

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It is important to note that access to the AI service may be initially limited but will gradually expand to offer more users the opportunity to take advantage of these advanced features.

Source: JetBrains.

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