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In the current world, where cybersecurity is of vital importance, ethical hacking has become an indispensable practice.

Ethical hacking involves using hacking techniques and tools to assess the security of a computer system, always with the permission of the owner or administrator.

Its main objective is to identify and correct vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Ethical hackers follow a rigorous and ethical methodology, respecting privacy and data integrity. It is a legal activity and highly demanded by organizations seeking to enhance their level of cybersecurity.

Ethical Hacking – SQL Injection Attack

This course focuses on SQL injection attacks, a technique commonly used by hackers to manipulate databases on websites.

Students will learn the fundamentals of SQL injection attacks and how to use penetration testing tools on databases in the Kali Linux operating system.

It is important to note that this course is solely for educational purposes and is created by Sunil Gupta, a renowned expert in cybersecurity.

Access the course using this link.


Ethical Hacking – Kali Linux Fundamentals

This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of Kali Linux, a widely used Linux distribution in cybersecurity.

Students will learn about the basic configuration of Kali Linux, navigation and manipulation of the terminal, as well as the operating system’s structure. It also covers aspects of Linux administration, such as users, permissions, and groups, along with information on how to check services and create basic exploits.

The course is designed for those who want to get started in the world of ethical hacking and gain practical knowledge to assess the security of computer systems.

Access the course using this link.

Remember that these courses are designed solely for educational purposes and are created by recognized experts in cybersecurity.

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Feel free to access these courses and embark on your journey into the fascinating world of ethical hacking, where your knowledge can make a difference in protecting systems and confidential data.

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