Here are 7 Free Certified Courses you can get today


Currently, knowledge and skills are key to stand out in the workplace and academia, and courses have become an invaluable option for those seeking to improve their competencies and acquire new knowledge.

These training programs offer the advantage of being accessible from anywhere and at any time, with no cost for enrollment or materials.

Successfully completing a course provides acquired learnings, a valuable resource to enrich one’s resume or apply for scholarships and training programs.

Online courses cover a wide range of topics, including languages, computer science, healthcare, education, business, art and culture, and personal development, among others.

The offerings are vast and available on various renowned online platforms such as Coursera, edX, Udemy, Miríada X, and especially Google.

The latter, Google Activate, is one of the most recognized platforms in the field of digital marketing and internet entrepreneurship.

It offers a wide variety of free certified courses that allow users to delve into the world of online marketing, stay updated with the latest trends and strategies, and obtain a certificate validating their expertise in the area.


Featured Free Courses on Google Activate

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals: An ideal course to acquire basic knowledge about content strategies, SEO, online advertising, and social media.
  2. Digitally Transform Your Business Step by Step: Learn how to adapt your business to the digital environment, applying effective strategies to enhance online presence and attract new customers.
  3. Cybersecurity: Get to know the main threats and protective measures to safeguard personal and business data.
  4. Digital Skills for Professionals: Develop fundamental digital skills to excel in today’s job market, such as effective communication and virtual teamwork.
  5. Cloud Computing: Explore the use and benefits of data storage and processing in the cloud, a relevant trend in the current scenario.
  6. Mobile App Development: Learn the basics of mobile app development, a highly sought-after skill in the job market.
  7. Introduction to Web Development: Acquire fundamental knowledge about creating and designing websites, laying the groundwork for exploring the world of web development.

These free certified courses provide an exceptional opportunity to strengthen your skills and acquire valuable knowledge in the field of digital marketing and other related disciplines.

While they are an excellent option to start and gain an overview, it’s important to remember that to pursue a specific field professionally, it will often be necessary to invest in more specialized and comprehensive training.

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