Harvard and edX offer a Free Computer Science Course: Enroll Now!


Computer Science encompasses a vast field of study that focuses on information, computation, and its application in computer systems.

This area includes theory, programming, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, robotics, and many other related disciplines.

Its influence on technological development and innovation is undeniable, enabling the creation of software for various purposes, autonomous intelligent systems, as well as the analysis and manipulation of large volumes of biological data.

The online education platform edX has announced the availability of a free course in Computer Science, developed in collaboration with the prestigious Harvard University.

This course, Computer Science CS50 for Business Professionals, is open for enrollment until December 31 of this year. It’s important to note that the language of instruction is English, and the total duration is six weeks.

In this course, you will learn about computational thinking, programming languages, Internet technologies, web development, tech stacks, and cloud computing.


The goal is to provide a solid understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and decision-making in a technological context.

No prior knowledge is required to enroll in this course; you only need to be registered on the ‘edX’ platform. If you are not registered, the registration process is available on the same platform.

In addition to this valuable opportunity, edX offers a wide variety of free courses in various areas of knowledge, including mechanics, communication, mathematics, programming, humanities, and music, among others.

Access it now at this link.

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