Hack Academy announces its FREE introductory web development course with 14 hours of content


If you’ve ever been curious about entering this exciting world but haven’t known where to start, we introduce an unparalleled opportunity to you.

Hack Academy, an online education platform, has launched a free course designed to teach you the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Before we delve into the course details, it’s important to understand the significance of the languages used in web development.

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is responsible for establishing the structure of a web page, determining where elements like headings, paragraphs, and images will be placed. On the other hand, CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, bestows style and design upon the page, controlling visual aspects such as colors, fonts, and layout designs.

Lastly, JavaScript confers functionality to the page, allowing the creation of interactive and dynamic elements, from forms that react to user inputs to elements that update automatically.

The Hack Academy platform aims to make web development accessible for everyone. With their new free course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, they have provided an incredible opportunity for those who wish to learn from scratch, regardless of their previous programming experience.

The course content is rich and comprehensive, consisting of 82 video-format lessons, translating to approximately 14 hours of content. The course is highly flexible as students can start at the time most convenient for them.


Where to Begin?

If you’re wondering whether you have the ability to participate in this course, the answer is yes! No prior programming experience is required, only a basic knowledge of the internet and elementary navigation skills.

The course will equip you with the necessary tools to build a solid understanding of the fundamental languages of the web.

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Upon completing this course, you will be prepared to take your first steps as a “Front-End Developer,” the professional who shapes the visual and user experience on websites.

For more information and details on how to join the course, visit the official Hack Academy website and get ready to start learning.

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