Google teaches you how to find the job of your dreams with its Free Course


Job search is a fundamental process in today’s workplace environment.

Having effective skills and strategies in this area is crucial to accessing opportunities, differentiating oneself from other candidates, and advancing in one’s professional career.

If you are in the job search, you’ll be glad to know that Google has launched a free course designed to help people acquire the necessary skills in job hunting using the company’s tools and programs.

The course, offered by Google, consists of seven lessons that cover different key aspects in the job search process.

With a total duration of approximately six hours, participants will learn to develop an effective job search plan, create an appealing resume, submit applications, and properly prepare for interviews.

To access the course, only a computer with internet access is required. Additionally, a Google account is necessary, which can be quickly created if you don’t have one.


Participants will learn how to set up email alerts to receive relevant job opportunities, use templates to efficiently create and save their resume, as well as submit effective job applications.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your job search skills and take advantage of this free course offered by Google.

Register and access the course through this link. Learn how to effectively use Google’s digital tools to find and prepare for your new job.

Start your journey towards a successful job search today with the help of Google!

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