Google presents Duet AI: Its artificial intelligence for improving and correcting programming code


Improving and correcting code is crucial for software development, as well-organized and well-written code is more efficient, functions correctly, and is easier to maintain in the future.

Furthermore, by improving the code, the scalability of the program is ensured, the number of errors is reduced, and the software’s quality is increased.

Google has introduced a new artificial intelligence tool called Duet AI, which aims to efficiently and quickly improve and correct programming code.

Duet AI

Duet AI for Google Cloud provides real-time code recommendations, generates complete functions and code blocks, and suggests corrections for vulnerabilities and errors in the code.

It also promises to enable DevOps teams to create custom large language models based on their own code. Additionally, Google plans to integrate this tool with multiple integrated development environments (IDEs).

The Duet AI tool has been trained using data collected from Google Cloud using code samples and documentation to fine-tune its behaviors and patterns.


How can I access Duet AI?

It is available under an AI Trust Testing Program and provides developers with many of the same capabilities found in the GitHub Copilot tool based on large language models created by OpenAI.

Although it is still early for the use of generative AI in DevOps workflows, it is evident that the amount of code being created will increase exponentially.

We hope that AI technologies will also help software engineers find ways to handle the massive volume of code that moves through their DevOps pipelines.

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For more information, you can visit the official Google website.

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