Google Launches a website for learning English for FREE


In recent years, it has been demonstrated that learning English has become an undeniable necessity.

This universal language not only facilitates communication among people from different cultures but also opens doors to numerous job opportunities and high-quality education.

Mastery of English allows one to enjoy art, literature, and cinema in their original language, provide their children with an invaluable resource for their future, and enhance cognitive ability and memory.

Due to this significance, the tech giant Google has launched an online tool for learning English for free.

This initiative is aimed at both the younger generation and those wishing to improve their pronunciation and fluency in the language.

The tool is a website called, which uses artificial intelligence and is currently in beta phase.

The platform adapts to different levels of language proficiency. Both beginners and those with some familiarity with English can benefit from this educational tool.

To get started, users can choose to learn English or combine it with another language, such as Spanish.


Learning is based on reading stories with simple texts that include key words that are often difficult to pronounce.

The primary function of the site is to assess the user’s pronunciation and provide corrections to improve it. Users must grant microphone permissions and read the provided texts.

When pronunciation is correct, the text is marked with a light blue color. If pronunciation is incorrect, the text does not change color, and no points are awarded.

In case of pronunciation errors, the tool has a virtual assistant available at the bottom of the page that helps the user pronounce the problematic word and provides an opportunity to practice it in subsequent texts.

As users progress in their learning process, they accumulate points and earn badges, specially designed to appeal to younger learners.

This Google initiative offers an interactive and effective way to learn English for free, benefiting a wide range of users, from beginners to those looking to improve their pronunciation and fluency.

You can access the site through this link.

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