Google launches a free cybersecurity course for beginners


The Importance of Cybersecurity has become essential in safeguarding online privacy and data.

Google has been playing a crucial role in promoting awareness and education in cybersecurity.

Through various educational resources, the company has been able to impart the necessary skills to tackle cyber security challenges in the modern era.

It’s important to know that Google has launched the Cybersecurity Fundamentals course. This course represents the first stage of Google’s Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity, a program aimed at preparing participants for entry-level cybersecurity roles.

This course is guided by Google’s cybersecurity experts. Through a variety of resources, including videos, readings, and quizzes, students will be led through an educational journey spanning multiple core modules.

The course is designed to provide a deep understanding of essential cybersecurity concepts.

Upon completing the course, students will be able to:


  • Recognize the impact of security attacks on business operations.
  • Explore the responsibilities and key skills of an entry-level cybersecurity analyst.
  • Understand how past and present attacks have shaped the cybersecurity field.
  • Learn about the eight domains of CISSP security.
  • Identify security domains, frameworks, and controls.
  • Understand the ethics of security.
  • Recognize common tools used by cybersecurity analysts.

How to Access the Course for Free

Access to the “Cybersecurity Fundamentals” course is simple and free. The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign up on the Coursera platform.
  2. Navigate to the course page.
  3. Click on the “Enroll for Free” button next to the start date.
  4. Select the “Audit Course” option.

Once this process is completed, you will gain free access to the complete course material as an auditor, allowing for learning without the obligation of completing exercises or tests.

This initiative provides students with the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge in online security in an accessible and structured manner.

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As technology advances and cybersecurity becomes more critical than ever, Google demonstrates its ongoing commitment to equipping individuals with the necessary skills to protect themselves in the constantly evolving digital world.

You can access the course page by following this link.

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