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Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) is an exciting field of computer science that has stood out in recent years for its ability to create original and creative content through the use of advanced algorithms.

This technology has opened up new possibilities in various industries, from design to marketing, and Google is one of the leaders in this area.

Google has introduced a free course to learn about Generative AI, which will provide professionals with the necessary skills to utilize these techniques in their work.

The course offered by Google is a unique opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of generative artificial intelligence and learn how to generate realistic and coherent content using machine learning algorithms.

This training is aimed at individuals interested in exploring the creative and innovative possibilities offered by generative AI and is specially designed for designers, artists, software developers, marketing and advertising professionals, as well as researchers and academics.

Course Contents

The course consists of 10 carefully designed modules presented by Google Cloud experts. These modules are:


  1. Introduction to Generative AI.
  2. Introduction to Large Language Models.
  3. Introduction to Responsible AI.
  4. Fundamentals of Generative AI.
  5. Introduction to Image Generation.
  6. Encoder-Decoder Architecture.
  7. Attention Mechanism.
  8. Transformer Models and BERT Model.
  9. Creating Image Captions Models.
  10. Introduction to Generative AI Studies.

The course is aimed at professionals and, therefore, prior knowledge of the topic and an intermediate level of English are recommended, as the classes will be conducted in this language. Additionally, participants will need a computer and a stable internet connection to access all the content.

Upon completing the course, participants will acquire valuable skills to use generative AI in their professional fields, providing them with a competitive advantage and new opportunities for innovation in their respective areas.

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If you want to stand out in your industry and explore new possibilities for innovation, don’t hesitate to enroll in this exciting course.

Take advantage of this opportunity and take a step forward in your professional career with Google’s Generative AI!

You can access the course using this link.

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