Google invites you to its Free API Development Course


The APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) play a fundamental role in the interconnection of systems and software development.

These interfaces, composed of a set of rules and protocols, allow communication and interaction between different software components, promoting integration and interoperability between applications and systems.

By reusing code and accelerating application development, APIs open up opportunities for creating application ecosystems, exposing services, and driving innovation in various sectors.

Learning Path for API Developers

Google Cloud’s “API Developer” course provides you with the necessary knowledge to design and develop secure and efficient application programming interfaces.

Through a comprehensive learning path consisting of courses, skill badges, and hands-on labs, you will gain real-world experience in the programming world.

All of this is done using Google Cloud’s essential technologies for the API Developer role.

This course will teach you how to effectively design, develop, manage, and integrate APIs. You will learn best practices and key considerations for creating high-performance APIs and meeting industry standards.


Targeted at those interested in mastering the cloud and working in application programming and development, this course is also suitable for professionals in systems administration and infrastructure engineering who want to expand their knowledge in cloud solutions.

Prior knowledge in the subject and a good level of English are recommended, as the course is conducted in that language.

How to access the course?

Accessing the Google course for API development is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Skills Boost platform. You must sign in or create a Google account.
  2. Select the “paths” tab.
  3. Look for the API Developer Learning Path.
  4. Click the “start” button and begin your courses.

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As you can see, getting started with Google’s course is very straightforward. You can also access the courses directly by following this link.

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