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In the world of technology, digital skills are becoming increasingly important. Whether for personal or professional development, having knowledge and competencies in the technological field can open up countless opportunities.

One way to acquire these skills is through courses. These courses can provide specialized and accredited training, which can be a significant addition to our resume or professional profile.

Google offers free courses with certification

Google Activate is Google’s educational platform that offers free courses with certification. This platform focuses on three main pillars: digital skills, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

What courses does Google Activate offer?

Google Activate offers a wide variety of courses, including:


  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Digital skills for professionals
  3. E-commerce
  4. Personal productivity
  5. Digital transformation for employment
  6. Mobile app development course
  7. Cloud computing
  8. Introduction to web development: HTML and CSS

How to obtain a Google Activate certification?

To obtain a Google Activate certification, it is necessary to complete one or more courses on the platform. The courses are delivered online and are designed to adapt to the pace of each participant.

Digital skills are increasingly important in today’s world. With a Google Activate course, you can acquire the knowledge and competencies you need to stand out in the job market and achieve your professional goals.

What are you waiting for to take the leap? Enroll in a Google course today!

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