Google announces its tool to detect images created by Artificial Intelligence


In an attempt to combat one of the biggest problems on the Internet today, Google has launched a new feature to fight against deepfakes.

This feature, called “About This Image,” promises to be an important step in understanding fake images designed to deceive people or spread misinformation.

According to the blog post by Google, the feature will show three things about the images found in Search.

Firstly, it will provide information on when the image was first indexed by Google. It will also show where it first appeared online. Lastly, it will reveal if it appears in places like social media, news sites, or even fact-checking sites.

Google’s explanation, supported by the example shown above, states the following: “With this background information about an image, you will be able to better understand if an image is trustworthy or if you should take a second look.

For example, with ‘About This Image,’ you will be able to see news articles pointing out that this image depicting a gradual moon landing was created by artificial intelligence.”


The “About This Image” feature will be available first in the United States during the summer. We can expect it to reach other regions before the year ends.

This innovative Google tool aims to provide transparency and help users discern between real images and deepfakes.

With the growing problem of online misinformation, this feature becomes a powerful ally in protecting the truthfulness of information in the digital age.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates and make sure to make the most of this new tool in the fight against deepfakes.

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