GitLab has launched a free course to increase team productivity

GitLab has launched a new free course for teams looking to optimize their productivity and work flexibility.

Introducing the “TeamOps Certification” course, which aims to teach the operations model that GitLab has been using internally for over a decade to achieve high levels of growth and success.

This course is designed for any team from any industry that wants to collaborate more effectively by adopting a virtual, asynchronous, and manual-centric approach.

The idea is to maximize productivity, flexibility, and autonomy in decision-making, information sharing, and task management with greater efficiency.

The course consists of six lessons that combine different types of learning interactions, such as video presentations, readings, change management guides, interactive activities, and other resources to ensure that you retain the knowledge and skills acquired.


The course requires an estimated effort of one to two hours and offers access for a maximum of 60 days from the registration day.

The only technical requirement to take the course is the ability to watch and listen to videos. So, if you want your team to maximize their productivity and work flexibility, don’t hesitate to enroll in this free GitLab course!

Access the course using this link.

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