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In the competitive current job market, finding employment has become a challenging task for many professionals.

However, thanks to the power of technology and social networks, opportunities to secure jobs have significantly increased.

One of the most influential and effective platforms in this field is LinkedIn, a professional social network that offers its users the ability to connect with other professionals, access job offers, and showcase their experience and skills in an online resume.

For those who want to make the most of this powerful tool and improve their chances of finding employment, Felipe Ríos Barraza (Fríos), an expert in using LinkedIn, has created a comprehensive and free tutorial on Udemy.

This course is designed for anyone interested in finding a job through LinkedIn.

No previous computer knowledge is required, only a computer with an internet connection to access all the content.

Course content:


The tutorial consists of five sections and a total of 40 classes, covering over 1 and a half hours of content. The topics covered in the course include:

  1. The importance of LinkedIn in job searching.
  2. Effective tactics for job hunting.
  3. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Leveraging your network of contacts.
  5. Tips for handling interviews and common situations.

In addition to learning how to use LinkedIn to find employment, the course provides examples of creative job searches and how to find remote jobs.

It also offers advice on improving your visibility on the platform and achieving a better ranking in recruiter searches.

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Enroll now and get ready to stand out in the competitive professional world with the help of LinkedIn!

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