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LinkedIn, the professional social network par excellence, has become a key platform for connecting with employers and expanding your network of contacts.

If you want to make the most of this tool and stand out in the professional field, it is crucial to have a solid and attractive profile. How can you achieve this? We’ll explain it to you here!

Having a well-crafted profile on LinkedIn provides you with professional visibility, increasing your chances of being found by employers interested in your skills and experience.

Furthermore, it allows you to express your personal brand and differentiate yourself from other professionals by highlighting your achievements, knowledge, and work experience.

But that’s not all. LinkedIn also offers you an extensive network of contacts with professionals in your industry, allowing you to establish valuable relationships and obtain relevant information about the job market.

Likewise, the platform is an inexhaustible source of job opportunities, with numerous job offers that you can explore.

Free course to enhance your LinkedIn profile (basic level)

Now, to help you make the most of LinkedIn, we want to offer you a free course. This course, created by Luis Prado, a renowned Career Coach and LinkedIn Consultant, will guide you in the effective use of this platform.

In this free course, titled “Get to Know LinkedIn from Scratch,” you will learn everything from the basics to more advanced tips.


You will discover how the LinkedIn interface works, which parts are fundamental to your profile, how to edit and stand out in it, how to add education and experience, and much more.

How do I access the course?

To access the free course, you need to register on the instructor’s platform, and you will be able to enjoy the first classes immediately.

In addition, Luis Prado plans to add 10 more classes in the coming weeks, addressing more advanced topics based on the interest generated by the participants.

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your professional profile on LinkedIn. Register for the free course and discover how to stand out on this key social network for your career development.

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Professional success is within your reach with LinkedIn and this free course!

You can access the course using this link.

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