Get certified as a mobile app developer with Google’s Free Course


The development of mobile applications is a rapidly growing industry that offers numerous opportunities for those who possess skills in this area.

If you’ve ever been curious about learning how to create your own mobile applications, this course is perfect for you!

Tech giant Google has announced the launch of an exciting mobile app development course in collaboration with the prestigious Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).

Discover the world of Mobile App Development with Google

This course will provide you with the skills and basic concepts necessary to create mobile applications from scratch.

You will learn the essential principles that inspire the creation of these applications, enabling you to properly focus their design and programming from the beginning.

Course Features

The course, taught by industry professionals, is completely free and will allow you to acquire general knowledge in all areas of mobile app development. Additionally, it is accredited by UCM, adding extra value to your learning.

The course consists of 8 modules and has a total duration of 40 hours. Each module is composed of video tutorials that will guide you step by step throughout the development process.

And the best part is that you will have unlimited access to the course material, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Obtain certification and stand out in the digital world

Upon completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to obtain a certification that demonstrates your mastery of the basics in mobile app development.


This certification is recognized by companies and can be attached to your resume or LinkedIn profile, increasing your chances of finding employment or advancing in your professional career.

The certification shows that you have solid knowledge of the digital world and demonstrates your passion for learning, two highly valued qualities in today’s business environment.

By applying the knowledge gained during the course, you will become a more attractive candidate for companies seeking talent in the field of mobile app development.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and grow

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Whether you’re looking for a new job, a promotion, or simply want to expand your knowledge, this course will provide you with the necessary foundation to excel in the fascinating world of mobile applications.

So don’t wait any longer, register for the Google and UCM Mobile App Development course and begin your journey to success in the world of mobile applications!

You can access the course directly using this link.

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