Get a professional advantage! Google offers free certified courses to boost your career


In the job search, digital certificates have become an increasingly important tool.

These certifications validate the skills and knowledge acquired in different areas and can make a difference when it comes to standing out in a selection process.

In that sense, Google offers a series of free certified courses that can boost your professional profile and improve your job opportunities.

Through the internet, Google provides the possibility of training in various fields from the comfort of your home.

This mode of online learning has become especially relevant in recent months, demonstrating that current connections allow us to attend classes and acquire knowledge remotely.

By completing these courses, participants can obtain an official Google certificate, which adds additional value to their professional profile.

These certificates are highly valued by many companies as they demonstrate the skills and competencies acquired in areas relevant to the current job market.

Among the courses offered by Google, the following can be found:


  • Digitize Your Business Step-by-Step with Google Tools: This course, composed of two modules and lasting one and a half hours, provides the necessary tools to effectively digitize a business, taking advantage of the solutions offered by Google.
  • Secure Your Business: Cybersecurity in Remote Work: In this two-hour course, topics related to cybersecurity in remote work are addressed, providing knowledge and practices to work safely in digital environments.
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals: With a duration of 40 hours and 26 modules, this course turns you into a digital marketing professional. You will learn the fundamental basics to develop effective strategies in the digital environment and achieve a company’s marketing objectives.
  • Digital Skills for Professionals: This course focuses on maximizing digital skills in the professional environment, including the use of operating systems, security solutions, and proper information handling.

In addition to these certified courses, Google offers a wide variety of options on its training platform.

You will find courses related to topics such as phishing, digital business promotion, working with mobile devices, creating online campaigns, basic programming principles, and improving productivity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your skills and obtain a Google certificate that supports your knowledge.

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