Fundación Slim offers free certification in database administrator


Database management has become a fundamental aspect in ensuring the integrity, security, and efficiency of information within organizations worldwide.

Database administrators play a crucial role in managing, configuring, updating, and monitoring these databases, ensuring that data is readily available when needed and used effectively. These professionals are responsible for executing initial installation and configuration, managing access permissions, performing data backups, overseeing database performance, and ensuring data security.

Their work is essential in supporting informed decision-making within any organization.

To address the increasing demand for trained professionals in this field, the Carlos Slim Foundation has launched a free course designed to provide the necessary skills for managing, cleaning, and optimizing databases.

What Will You Learn in the Course?

This training program is structured into four levels, featuring multiple lessons aimed at guiding students through their learning journey.

Throughout the course, you will learn to:


  • Create databases that efficiently store large volumes of information.
  • Perform data cleaning tasks to enhance performance and data quality.
  • Manage data backups and data recovery in case of issues.
  • Effectively present information through tables and graphics, facilitating informed decision-making.

A key emphasis in the course is the importance of maintaining data confidentiality, as database administrators handle critical information that does not belong to them. The increasing digitization of databases has made this role one of the most sought after in today’s job market.

The platform offers various resources, including infographics, videos, and activities. Enrollment is open to the general public, and there is no time limit for course completion. Upon finishing the training, you will receive a certificate accrediting your skills.

Requirements for Course Registration

To enroll in the course, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register or log in to or access the course through this link.
  2. Search for the course titled “Data Curator.”
  3. Have access to an electronic device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

We invite you to register today on and embark on your journey towards a career in database administration. We wish you much success in your learning and skill development!

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