From Programming to Mathematics: These Are Huawei’s Free Courses


Currently, online education has proven to be a vital tool for continuous learning.

Taking into account this importance, Huawei has developed an online education platform, Huawei Talent Online 2.0.

Initially, Huawei launched 10 experimental courses in both Chinese and English. These courses cover four cutting-edge technical fields: intelligent computing, Kunpeng application development, cloud services, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Each course is designed to address the present and future needs of the industry, equipping students with essential and up-to-date skills.

The diversity of the courses is impressive, with over 250 online courses currently available. Students have access to a variety of topics, ranging from 5G technology to Python programming, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analysis.

The courses are delivered entirely online, ensuring a high-quality education that adapts to individual needs and schedules.


To access the complete list of courses, you simply need to visit the Huawei website by following this link, register on the platform, and log in.

The start date is flexible, and the courses will be available throughout the 2023-24 academic year, providing the necessary flexibility to accommodate the schedules of students and professionals.

In a world where digital transformation is constant, online education has proven to be a fundamental bridge to continuous learning and skill updating.

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The Huawei Talent Online 2.0 platform encapsulates this idea, providing students and professionals with an interactive, practical, and most importantly, accessible learning experience.

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