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Learning a new language is a decision that not only enhances our lives but also boosts our personal and professional development.

This choice not only allows us to communicate with people from different cultures but also exercises our brain, improving memory, decision-making, and mental processing speed.

In addition to the cognitive benefits, learning a new language strengthens our self-esteem. With each milestone, we experience a deep sense of achievement and receive recognition from those around us, motivating us to continue progressing.

Learning a new language also broadens our cultural horizons, fostering tolerance and respect for diversity. Understanding other cultures and life perspectives enriches us as individuals and enables us to connect more deeply with people from around the world.

If you are ready to embark on a language learning journey, we have good news for you.

The EU Academy platform, supported by the European Union, offers free courses to learn the fundamentals of 29 languages, from the official languages of the European Union to other widely spoken languages worldwide.

EU Academy caters to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners. The platform is available in various languages, including French, English, Italian, German, and Spanish, making it easily accessible to students from around the world.


Most importantly, the quality of instruction is of paramount importance, as all courses are designed by expert linguists and renowned teachers. Study materials are diverse and interactive, ranging from practical lessons and audio recordings to interactive videos. Furthermore, periodic assessments are conducted to measure your progress.

If you’re wondering about the right level for you, EU Academy asks you to take a placement test before starting. However, this test is not necessary for those who have the native language of the course they wish to study or for those who want to learn a language not available on the platform.

And there’s more: all participants who successfully complete a language course at EU Academy receive a certificate attesting to their language proficiency.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your horizons, enhance your personal and professional development, and connect with people from around the world.

Access the platform through this link.

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