Free Online Python Course: How and When Does It Start?


The Python programming language has gained great popularity thanks to its clear and readable syntax, becoming a versatile tool used in multiple areas such as web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Its importance lies in its ability to enhance programmer productivity and the large community of developers that has led to the creation of numerous libraries and frameworks that facilitate application development.

If you’re interested in learning Python programming and mastering the basics of scripting, we invite you to access the Scripting in Python Course offered by the prestigious Rice University.

This institution, recognized among the best in the world, has renowned schools in various academic fields and is home to the Baker Institute for Public Policy.

Designed for students, professionals, and programming enthusiasts, this course provides a solid foundation for those who wish to delve into the world of data science, software engineering, and other related disciplines.

No prior knowledge is required, although a good level of English is necessary as the course is taught in this language. However, subtitles in Spanish and other languages are provided to facilitate learning.

The course dates depend on the student, and you can start accessing the course at any time.


How do I access the course for free?

To access the course for free, you need to follow several steps. The first step is to access the course page. There, you should use the registration button:

By clicking the button, a screen will appear notifying you about a 7-day free trial. This is not necessary. You simply need to look for the link labeled “audit course,” which is located below the “start free trial” button.

By using the link, you can access the course for free. The disadvantage is that you won’t receive a certificate of completion or access to the exams, but the rest of the course will be accessible.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire knowledge in a highly in-demand programming language and enhance your professional prospects.

Access the Scripting in Python Course now using this link and start your journey towards mastering this powerful programming language.

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