Free Google Course for Object Detection with Artificial Intelligence


Object detection involves the localization and classification of visual elements in images and videos, which has broad applications in various industries.

With applications in security, medicine, robotics, and more, object detection is a valuable skill in today’s world.

To help you master this technology, Google has launched an online course designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

In the course, you will learn how to locate and classify objects in images and videos, and how to integrate a pre-trained detector into a mobile application.

Don’t miss the opportunity to train yourself in this exciting field with Google experts.

The course consists of three main activities that will guide you through the key concepts and practical techniques of object detection:

  1. Introduction to Object Detection: In this activity, you will learn the theoretical foundations of object detection and how it differs from other image recognition tasks. You will explore practical examples and understand how machine learning and deep learning models can be used to accurately detect objects.
  2. Integration of an Object Detector into a Mobile Application: You will discover how to quickly implement an object detector into your mobile application using the ML Kit’s object detection and tracking API.
  3. Integration of an Object Detector using the ML Kit Object Detection API: In this hands-on activity, you will learn how to integrate a pre-trained object detector into your Android application using the ML Kit’s object detection and tracking API.

You only need an internet connection and the desire to learn and improve your skills in object detection with artificial intelligence.


Object detection is a highly demanded skill in the current market. With this course, you will have the opportunity to learn from Google experts and gain valuable knowledge in this constantly growing field.

How can I access the course?

Simply go to the Google Developers platform, log in with your Google account, and search for the course “Get started with object detection”.

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Once enrolled, you will have access to all educational materials, explanatory videos, and practical exercises to develop your object detection skills.

Register now and embark on your journey towards mastering object detection with artificial intelligence. Access the course using this link.

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