Free excel certificate with UNAM: Requirements and how to access the course


In the digital age, data management and analysis have become a fundamental cornerstone in both professional and personal realms.

Microsoft Excel is the quintessential tool, enabling us to create, edit, and efficiently organize data.

It is a versatile ally that unlocks a world of possibilities.

Free Excel Course from UNAM (Certified)

UNAM has developed a free Excel course tailored for students and professionals with fundamental skills in this powerful application.

Over seven carefully structured modules, participants will gain a solid understanding of Excel and learn to apply it in practical situations. Let’s take a look at what you will learn in this course:


  • Getting Started with Excel 2010
  • Work Environment and Basic Concepts
  • Management and Handling of Workbooks, Sheets, and Cells
  • AutoFill
  • Basic Formulas and Functions
  • Charts
  • Printing

Who is the course for?

This free basic Excel course from UNAM is designed for anyone looking to enhance their Excel skills, whether for personal or professional purposes.

No prior experience in Excel is required, as the course covers fundamental concepts and guides participants step by step in their learning journey.

If you’re seeking to delve into the world of spreadsheets and unlock your potential with Excel, don’t hesitate to join UNAM’s Free Excel Course through this link.

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