Free English Course Level A1: Learn this Language from Scratch


Currently, English language proficiency is an essential element for academic, professional, and personal growth. The need to communicate in English is imperative, whether to complete a university degree, access better job opportunities, or venture into countries where Spanish is not the predominant language.

That’s why I invite you to explore the free English course at A1 level offered by the Aula Fácil platform.

The creators of this course have demonstrated a deep understanding of the relevance of English in today’s world, designing a course that caters to various professional paths.

The course comprises 164 lessons that cover a wide variety of aspects of English. It begins with an introduction to the language, followed by lessons on pronouns, prepositions, and the use of verb tenses in English.

These skills are fundamental for understanding and communicating in English-speaking contexts, whether in the United States, England, or other English-speaking countries.


Here is the course syllabus:

  • Learn English for Free – Introduction
  • Personal Subject Pronouns
  • Personal Subject Pronouns – Pronunciation
  • Personal Subject Pronouns – Exercises
  • Verb “To be”
  • Verb “To be” – Pronunciation
  • Verb “To be” – Exercises
  • Verb “To have”
  • Verb “To have” – Pronunciation
  • Verb “To have” – Exercises
  • Verb “To do”
  • Verb “To do” – Pronunciation
  • Verb “To do” – Exercises
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Sentence Structure
  • Sentence Structure – Pronunciation
  • Sentence Structure – Exercises
  • Simple Present (Present Indicative)
  • Simple Present (Present Indicative) – Pronunciation
  • Simple Present (Present Indicative) – Exercises
  • Present Continuous (Present Continuous)
  • Present Continuous (Present Continuous) – Pronunciation
  • Present Continuous (Present Continuous) – Exercises
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Simple Past (Past Simple)

This course covers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills that ensure a solid grasp of English at the A1 level.

To enroll in the course and start your journey toward English proficiency, simply click on this link.

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