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With the current globalized world and the constant competitiveness in the workplace, acquiring soft skills has become a crucial factor in achieving personal and professional success.

These personal, social, and emotional competencies, such as effective communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, are highly valued by employers and make a difference in how people relate to others and face everyday challenges.

Just as Excel and English are skills that every job seeker should have, soft skills are becoming the positive qualities that everyone should possess to thrive in the workplace.

To meet this growing demand, we are pleased to inform you that we have found two free courses on soft skills that will allow anyone to learn and master these skills.

You can find the courses below:

Complete Course on Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence

This online course focuses on the development of emotional intelligence, a fundamental skill for understanding and managing one’s own emotions and those of others.

Through nine essential skills, participants will learn to overcome internal fears, improve their social skills, and interact effectively with different people.

This course will provide the necessary tools to build authentic and satisfying relationships in both personal and professional life.

The course is available on the Udemy platform and is completely free. You can access it by following this link.


Soft Skills Course for Professional Development

Specially designed for those who want to improve their soft skills and stand out in the workplace, this course covers a wide range of key competencies.

Participants will learn about assertive communication, self-confidence, creativity, adaptability, and resilience.

This program is ideal for those who want to impress in job interviews and enhance their adaptability in an ever-changing work environment.

This second course is also available on Udemy in the English language, allowing you to practice your knowledge in this language while learning. Access the course using this link.

Both courses are structured in a clear and understandable manner, offering precise definitions, prominent features, and advantages of each soft skill.

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