Free Artificial Intelligence courses: How to sign up and what are the requirements?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged in our lives as a transformative force capable of emulating human intelligence in its various forms and applications.

This fascinating field has become a key component of today’s society, driving technological innovations and providing unprecedented employment opportunities.

AI is not only changing the way we interact with technology but also expanding professional horizons, fostering creativity and innovation, improving efficiency, and contributing to social and environmental well-being.

Learning about AI is a path toward solving real-world problems and making a positive impact on the world.

Free Artificial Intelligence Courses

For those who wish to delve into this exciting world, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires has made a series of free Artificial Intelligence courses available.

These courses, organized by the Lifelong Learning Agency, provide an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of AI, its processes, innovations, and the essential technological tools used in this field.

The courses cover a wide variety of topics, from natural language processing to voice recognition and visual perception, breaking down the key aspects of this discipline.


You don’t need to reside in Argentina to participate in them, as they are offered virtually and are available to people from around the world.

How to Enroll in the Courses?

Enrolling in these courses is straightforward and doesn’t require prior knowledge of AI. You can manage your learning independently, adapting the course to your schedule and preferences.

To enroll, visit the Lifelong Learning Agency’s website and create a user account using your email address.

The requirements for enrolling in the course are minimal: you must be at least 15 years old and have a formal education from primary level onwards.

Upon successfully completing each module of the course, you can obtain a certificate of participation. It is essential that your profile information is accurately recorded, as it will be reflected on the final certificate.

Seize this opportunity to expand your knowledge and discover the endless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. Enroll and embark on your journey into the world of AI!

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