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In the intricate fabric of everyday life, our financial decisions not only define our present comfort but also pave the way for a solid and secure future.

Understanding the effective management of money is the key to achieving goals, enjoying freedom, and positively contributing to society.

Personal finances, a set of choices ranging from how we earn to how we invest our money, are a fundamental pillar for quality of life and future well-being.

Effective financial management not only enables us to achieve our dreams but also provides security and freedom, essential elements in today’s complex economic landscape.

This is why the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is offering a free Personal Finance course.

Led by finance expert Norman Wolf del Valle, the course breaks down its content into six modules with approximately 9 hours of duration.

From budgeting to understanding investments, responsible credit management, and the importance of insurance, each module is explained coherently to provide a comprehensive view of personal financial management.


The topics covered include:

  1. Budget: Develop a detailed and effective budget to distribute income intelligently and cover household needs.
  2. Savings: Set short and long-term savings goals, creating a fund that ensures financial stability and preparedness for unforeseen events.
  3. Investment: Evaluate suitable investment options, contributing to the growth of personal wealth.
  4. Credit: Understand the responsible use of credit as a beneficial tool to acquire goods and services.
  5. Insurance: Explore the crucial role of insurance in protecting assets and loved ones from risks and unforeseen events.
  6. Responsible Consumption: Adopt responsible consumption habits to improve personal economy and minimize financial risks.

This free course is designed for everyone, from those taking their first steps in the financial world to those looking to strengthen and expand their knowledge.

UNAM provides the necessary tools to make informed financial decisions and protect personal resources and assets.

Enroll now through this link in the UNAM Personal Finance Course and build a solid foundation for your financial well-being.

Financial education is the key to a solid and stable economic future!

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