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If you’re looking to develop skills for working in the technology industry, Google has great news for you!

The company has launched a new series of free online certification courses that will help you gain skills for working in digital marketing and increasing your income.

The most popular course is Digital Marketing Fundamentals, which includes 26 modules designed by Google trainers.

After completing the modules, you can take an exam to obtain the Digital Marketing certification, which is accredited by Open University and IABE Europe.

The course is aimed at beginners, so you don’t need to have any prior experience. However, upon completion, you will have developed skills to work with various digital marketing channels such as content marketing, e-commerce, email marketing, display advertising, mobile marketing, and online marketing strategy.

Digital marketing professionals can earn an average salary of $52K to $100K per year in the United States, depending on their experience and position.


Therefore, this free Google certification course can be an excellent opportunity to increase your income.

If you’re interested in taking the course, you only need to invest 40 hours of your time to complete it and then pass the Google Garage exam, which consists of 40 multiple-choice questions.

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To learn more and register for Google’s free certification course, visit this link.

Take advantage of this opportunity and improve your skills in digital marketing to increase your income! Access the Google course by following this link.

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