Download for FREE the book that will turn you into an expert in computer vision with Python!


Computer vision has become an essential tool in many fields, from medicine to robotics and security.

Now, enthusiasts and students can learn the basics of computer vision with a free book available for legal download.

The book, titled “Programming Computer Vision with Python,” provides a practical and clear introduction to the theory and underlying algorithms of computer vision.

The author of the book, an expert in computer vision, has provided Python code examples to help readers understand the techniques used in robot navigation, medical image analysis, and other computer vision applications.

The book is ideal for those with basic programming skills and standard mathematics, and provides an understanding of techniques such as 3D reconstruction, stereo imaging, and augmented reality.

Readers will also learn to work with image mappings and transformations, clustering methods, and efficient image retrieval techniques.


The author provides exercises to help readers apply what they have learned, and the book uses the popular OpenCV library through a Python interface.

The final version of the book is not yet available, but the final pre-production draft is available for download under a Creative Commons license. Note that this version does not include last-minute corrections and final edits.

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Computer vision is an exciting and constantly evolving field, and this free book is an excellent way to begin exploring its possibilities.

You can access the book from its official repository using this link.

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