Do you want to master Visual Studio Code? These free courses will teach you everything you need to know


Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a highly versatile and customizable source code editor developed by Microsoft.

Although it shares its name with the integrated development environment (IDE) Visual Studio, VS Code stands out for its focus on code editing and its lightweight nature.

With its broad compatibility with various programming languages and technologies, Visual Studio Code becomes a valuable tool for developers in different areas.

Whether you are involved in web development, mobile development, artificial intelligence, data science, or any other programming discipline, VS Code provides a powerful and efficient code editing environment.

The active community surrounding Visual Studio Code is also a fundamental part of its significance. There are thousands of extensions developed by the community that further extend the capabilities of the editor.

If you want to learn how to use Visual Studio Code efficiently and make the most of its features, we recommend exploring the courses mentioned below:

Visual Studio Code Crash Course

Offered by, this course will teach you how to use the popular code editor, providing tips and tricks to make its usage easier.

You can access this free online course using this link or by watching it below:

Visual Studio Code: Getting Started with this Great Editor

This course provides you with the basics to effectively navigate this editor. Through practical videos, you will gradually advance your knowledge.


You can access this course by following this link.

Beginner VS Code: Best Free Code Editor for Mac and Windows

If you are starting to learn programming and want to reduce frustration and accelerate your learning, this course is ideal for you.

It focuses on students and learners in the early and intermediate stages of learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course will help you make the most of Visual Studio Code and improve your fluency in programming.

You can access the course using this link.

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Whether you are an experienced developer or taking your first steps in the programming world, Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool that can enhance your productivity and software development experience.

Feel free to explore these courses and make the most of this incredibly useful code editor!

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