Do you want to learn JavaScript? FreeCodeCamp offers a free 9-hour content course


JavaScript has solidified itself as a fundamental language in web development, making it an essential skill for anyone looking to venture into the creation of interactive websites, various applications, and more.

Furthermore, its versatility extends to web server programming, mobile applications, and interactive games, thus broadening its applications and opportunities.

FreeCodeCamp, the online education platform known for its commitment to providing free educational resources, has launched a new free JavaScript course.

The course is designed for individuals with no prior programming experience. In it, you will learn JavaScript from scratch, with lessons that focus on specific concepts and practical examples.

Topics covered include the basics of JavaScript, variables, arithmetic operations, logical operators, strings, arrays, functions, conditionals, objects, loops, and much more.


Additionally, you will have the opportunity to apply your knowledge through practical projects, which will help solidify your understanding of the language and your ability to create interactive web applications.

The complete course has a duration of approximately 9 hours and is available on the freeCodeCamp channel.

For more information about the course and to start learning JavaScript from scratch, visit this link.

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