Do you want to earn more money? Learn about the highest paid programming languages


Computer programming languages are constantly evolving. Some languages emerge and gain popularity while others fall into disuse.

Knowing the programming languages that will have high demand in the future can help developers make informed decisions about their education and career.

According to various sources, the following five programming languages are expected to be the highest paid in 2023:

Go (Golang)

Go is an open-source programming language created by Google in 2009. It has been adopted by companies like Uber, Netflix, and Dropbox.

Although it is a relatively new language, it has quickly gained popularity. Go programmers can earn between $110,000 and $115,000 per year.


This language was the first to enable the development of applications for Apple devices. Although it has been largely replaced by Swift, it still requires maintenance, and iOS developers are often familiar with it.

Objective-C programmers can earn between $100,000 and $110,000 per year.



JavaScript is currently the most popular programming language. It is commonly used for web development, frontend and backend design.

Due to its high demand, JavaScript programmers will continue to be in great demand. They can earn an average salary of $100,000 per year.


Python is a powerful language used for scripting, data analysis, machine learning, and other tasks.

As more companies adopt Python, the demand for developers is growing. They can earn an average salary of $110,000 per year.


Although C++ has been around since 1985, it remains one of the most popular programming languages. It is used for developing video games and high-performance software.

C++ developers are highly sought after and can earn an average salary of $105,000 per year.

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