Do you want to become an expert in React? This Google course teaches you how


React, a widely used open-source library, makes it easy to create interactive and reusable user interfaces.

Through the lessons of the course, students will follow a learning path that covers different APIs and tools within the React ecosystem, with the goal of optimizing application speed and accessibility.

The free course, developed by Google Developers, is aimed at both students and professionals in the field of programming and application development.

Previous knowledge of React or JavaScript is not required, although it is recommended to facilitate learning. Additionally, a computer with a stable internet connection is needed to access all the content.

The course program consists of two modules and can be completed at your own pace, with no set schedules or duration.


Some of the topics that will be covered include Next.js, React application optimization, code splitting, list virtualization, route preloading, and accessibility auditing.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from Google experts and enhance your skills in React. Don’t miss the chance to enroll in this free course and expand your knowledge in high-performance web application development!

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To access the course and start your React learning journey, visit the following link. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting React learning adventure with Google!

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